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We are speeding ever faster into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are excited about all the flashy new things like self-driving cars, space tours to Mars, self-driving buses and semi-trailers. Explore with us the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks. These are the fields driving change in the new Revolution.

Robots for cashiers in grocery stores. Hydrogen fuel made from seawater using solar power – cheap fuel! How will that play with the fossil fuel industries? Watch for hyper-fast advances in medicine, they will provide the very best options for individual patients.

But, always the ‘but’, job loses on an unbelievable scale especially in industries where repetitive tasks or dangers to employees exist.

Let’s spell out a few: postal workers, bookkeepers, and accountants, grocery store cashiers, over the road semi-truck drivers, city bus drivers and so on. Indeed the projected loss of jobs in the US in 47% and 35% in the UK. Ghastly numbers and it does not appear that the government is doing any planning or even discussions on how to address the coming issues!

The redistribution of wealth will increase! More wealthy people can afford to use the robots. Automation will put immense downward pressure on wages in the middle and working classes. Scary for the majority of citizens. Enough to lose sleep over!

Without jobs how are people of the working class and the nominal middle class to live? How does this job loss affect the budget for the just passed tax reform? Serious discussions regarding Universal Basic Income need to be started. Currently, the State of Hawaii seems to be alone in activating large-scale discussions.

What are your thoughts? Citizens of the United States, indeed the world need to be seeking answers. Apparently without the vision of current leadership. We have assumed that life would just keep moving along. Now, we are faced with tortuous upheaval. 47% job loss? That is just unimaginable.

Planning with FULL disclosure needs to be started NOW! No planning behind closed doors. You are dealing with people’s lives. Where does planning begin? Federal level? State level? Somebody has to initiate the discussions. Universities? Technical schools? High Schools? These students will be making the transitions to a brave new world.



A Footnote to my posts:

I do not pretend to write scholarly tomes. I am only trying to introduce subjects that I think need to be mulled over, dwelt upon and researched further. There are just so many topics a person can absorb in a day. These are not heavy but hopefully insightful enough that you may care to delve into deeper. I try to leave a trail for you to easily follow. I also post to my blog dabblerduckbutts.com where I cover healthcare in general and Veteran’s Healthcare in particular and of course political issues.

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