Stars: Beyond Horizons 2017

man standing outside of his tent on a lake, gazing at the stars
A man standing outside the lights of his tent on a lake gazing, the oldest pastime of man, at the stars. What is he thinking or dreaming?

Date: 5/22/2017 and 12/9/2017

Always an enticing vision causing a man to look beyond, beyond the ground, beyond the sky into the New Horizons that have kept calling since the beginning of time.

As a young man with friends, we would set off in September (the nights were getting cold and so kept the mosquitoes at bay), sitting by a warm fire after a long day of paddling in the Boundary Waters, sipping a muscle warming brandy and water staring at the stars. Oh so brilliant, no city lights to dim their glory, to be transported to the land of imagination. What if? I wonder when? Who would have thought? How often?




helix nebulae is a dying star
Helix Nebula discovered in 1824 by Ludwig Harding. This planetary nebula is in actuality a dying star similar to our sun. This bright object is 650 light years away.