Date: 11/26/2017

Isn’t it remarkable how fast all of the subjects we are reviewing are exploding onto the scene of our everyday life? I thought maybe in 5 years. Not a Chance. Elon Musk is selling his semi-trailers, reusing rockets for launch,  and the list goes on. *A note to update the news: UPS has committed to purchase 140 of the self-driving semi-tractors that Elon just demonstrated.

I do not know much about these subjects, I usually follow my fascination with them. Big data has become useful. I am in awe of the knowledge these people have. My thinking was/is that there must be a lot of people out there – where ever ‘there’ is, that may be as curious about these topics as I am. Books? Who has time to read anymore? My eyes burn from staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

Imagine what we will see: Hydrogen fuel made from seawater. Electric Cars are making their debut and are already obsolete. Medical advances that are the result of massive amounts of data, that can be distilled by machine learning to improve the outcome for just one patient. The smartphone is ten years old. Imagine the pace of changes to come.

To see the results of all these brilliant minds is awesome! I know that I will learn more than I expected but probably not as much as I want.

I am just glad that you are going to spend a few minutes on the journey with me. Thanks for stopping by.


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full moon calendar for 2018
Mark November 2018 on your calendar and especially Jan 1, 2018. The Wolf Moon is a Supermoon!
full moon calendar for 2018
The names of the Moon phases ascribed to the Algonquin people from New England to Lake Superior on the west. Image and calendar thanks to Space.com. We marvel at your skills!

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